Sunday School @ 9:30 Youth Fellowship @ 5:30 p.m.

Night of Worship

Author admin, Written Feb 26, 2013


Greetings Parents and Youth:

We are excited to announce that this Sunday night we will be experiencing the privilege of getting to join the 9:35 praise band for their Night of Worship in the fellowship hall. Scheduling wise it will still run the same as typical Sunday Night Community Groups. Dinner will be served in the youth building at 6:00 and we will walk up and join the service as it is beginning at 6:30. The service will end around 8:00. It is going to be a truly special night. I want to take a special opportunity to extend an invitation for all of you parents to join us for the Night of Worship this Sunday night. It is not just a youth event. Their will be other church members joining us for just a night that is solely devoted toward people coming together in order to worship our wonderful Lord and Creator. Shallowford Pres. and Briarlake Baptist’s youth groups will also be joining us in what we anticipate is going to be a power packed night. This is a great opportunity for you parents to come see kinda what we do every Sunday night and also to experience powerful worship in the same room as your children. We are aware that you need to be filled and to experience God’s powerful love just as much as our beautiful children do. So please set aside Sunday night as a opportunity to come experience God just as your kids do every Sunday night! Furthermore, if you know other parents of youth or potential youth, then Sunday night would be a great night for you to be able to introduce them to our program so bring them along! Any and all are welcome! Lastly, this Night of Worship also presents the opportunity for you to come and marvel at how much our 9:35 musicians have grown and also get to taste a little bit of what the service is like every Sunday morning. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Look forward to seeing all of you there at 6:30 in the Fellowship Hall!

God Bless,