Sunday School @ 9:30 Youth Fellowship @ 5:30 p.m.



Sunday School (Sunday AM, 6th-12th grades) 

We gather together on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30 AM in the Youth Hall to share a light breakfast, catch up with one another, hear announcements about upcoming events, and join in worship (which includes music and a speaker).  

Youth Fellowship (Sunday PM, 6th-12th grades)

We gather together on Sunday nights from 5:30 PM-7:30 PM in the Youth Hall to share a meal together, enjoy fellowship, join together in worship, break up into small groups, and have free time to play games, make art, or just relax and enjoy conversation.  It is a time of spiritual and emotional renewal; we come together and build ourselves up in community before we separate to go about our weeks.

Small Groups/”D” Groups (various nights, 9th-12th grades)

Disciple Groups, or “D” Groups, are what we call our high school small groups.  Disciple groups consist of people of the same gender and of similar ages, and they aim to cultivate lasting friendships and transformational faith.  Each group decides together, with their adult leaders, what they would like the format of their group to look like.  Examples of the format of D groups include a book study, discussions about  Scripture, engaging in service projects, partnering with other D groups for activities, and more.  D groups meet on different nights of the week at different places.  If you are a high school student interested in joining a D group, email for more information on meeting times and location.

Current Discipleship Group Schedule


9th grade girls – Laura Boyden/Jen Wahlen – Sundays
10th grade girls – Shara Sanders/Sharon Spears – Wednesdays
10th grade girls – Kim Bauer/Montie Stone – Sundays
11th grade girls – Mandy Jackson/Amy Merrill – Wednesdays
12th grade girls – Heather Prusik/Kristen White – Thursdays


9th-10th grade boys – Gil Kersh/Thomas Benefield – Wednesdays
10th-11th grade boys – Jay Merchant/Jonathan Merrill/Coley Mynatt – Sundays
12th grade boys – TBD

High school students who are interested in joining a D Group should contact Shannon Higgins 


Caring for Clarkston/”C4C” (Saturday)

C4C began in 2011, and it is in one form of our local outreach within the Atlanta community. One Saturday a month, we distribute food to families within the Clarkston community. In addition to providing food, we also hope to establish and grow relationships with returning families.


Christmas Tree Lot (November-December)

From November 30th until the last tree is sold, we run a Christmas tree lot for the community to purchase their trees.  Working the lot is fun and festive, and the proceeds serve as the main source of fundraising for Oak Grove Youth Ministry.  

Confirmation (January-April)

Confirmation typically takes place during a student’s 8th grade year, but anyone older than 8th grade who has not been confirmed is welcome to participate. It is a significant time in a person’s faith development as it is the time that he/she claims ownership in his/her faith journey. During the confirmation process, participants learn about the Christian faith as well as the principles of the United Methodist Church. At the end of the process, they may publicly claim their faith in front of the church. This public proclamation does not signify that the youth have learned all of the answers to their faith questions, but rather that they know they have a church home where they can continue to ask questions and search for answers.  They claim a sense of belonging to the church community, and the church promises to continue to nurture them in their spiritual growth.

Spooky to be Hungry (September-October)

“Spooky” is a church wide food drive campaign that happens close to Halloween each year.  We get to partner with members of all ages in the church to help campaign, collect, organize, and distribute food to local families.  A lot of the food we collect goes to help our friends in Clarkston.  



Awanita (September)

Our Awanita Retreat is one of the biggest, most exciting, and special events we do.  Once a year, any youth (grades 6th-12th) involved in or interested in youth ministry at Oak Grove travel to the beautiful Awanita Valley Christian Retreat in Marrieta, South Carolina.