Sunday School @ 9:30 Youth Fellowship @ 5:30 p.m.

Food Ministry Teams

Join one of our 12 Youth Food Ministry Teams and help serve breakfast at Java Hut on Sunday mornings and dinners at Community Groups on Sunday nights. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know many of the parents in our youth community along with observing our youth in these settings. New parents that have never served a meal before generally have the same reaction, “Wow…. I did not know or understand ALL that goes on in the youth group. This is exciting!” Or, “I have always wanted to serve a meal but was too scared to because I didn’t know how to feed that many kids.”

As you serve our youth meals, you are investing in them and their lives. You will be blessed beyond measure in more ways then you can imagine.

If your youth participates on a regular basis in the youth programs, we ask that you either join a team to help provide meals or that you contribute $100 per semester to help cover the costs of paper goods, drinks and other food ministry needs. Checks can be written to OGUMC with “youth food ministry” in the memo line and turned into Robyn Giles in the youth office.

For more information about joining a team, please contact Robyn Giles 404-636-7558 x 202

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