Sunday School @ 9:30 Youth Fellowship @ 5:30 p.m.

Cafe VOX: Coffee House for High School Students

Vox 1Cafe VOX is an intentional coffee-house community which offers high school students the opportunity to be heard in ways which are soul-full. It is a space for stories to be told through poetry, art-making, short-film, and music. It is a space to gather and hear each other in ways that aren’t antagonistic, or combative. It is here that we come together celebrating the diversity of our voices and the wisdom and beauty we can find if we listen well enough.

Vox 2

You are invited to find your way of belonging to the Cafe VOX community.  Perhaps you need to contribute, to speak out through your art.  Or maybe you need to collect, to take in the breadth of Our Story from the vantage point of others.  Either way, you make Cafe VOX what it is, a theat
er for creativity and collaboration, moving us all toward a greater understanding of others, ourselves, and the Story in which we find ourselves.  We encourage you to help us as we are creating space for creative souls.

Cafe VOX is a quarterly event, check the calendar or news feed for dates.

2013 Schedule

  • February 2Vox 3
  • May 4
  • September 7
  • November 9